Lotus Dome Patent (2017.10.10)

The Lotus Dome USPTO utility patent, number 9,783,983, can be viewed HERE (HTML) and HERE (PDF, it might take a while to load   ;-)   )

If it would be helpful, a numerical index of the Lotus Dome elements listed in the patent can be accessed HERE.
FYI, the PDF’s vector-based “drawings” have been reduced to bitmaps, are in portrait mode, and don’t even align properly when going sequentially from one rendering to the next.   <sigh>   If you really need a higher-quality set of renderings, email me and I’ll send you a link to download a landscape version of the vector-based PDF that was submitted with the application. I can’t post the link as the file is 54 MB, and would chew up too much bandwidth. Thank you for your interest in the Lotus Dome!

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