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About the Lotus Dome

About the Lotus Dome

Lotus Domes are a new form of structure designed for environmentally progressive facilities. The logo above is actually an aerial plan view of a ninety-foot diameter Lotus Dome.

For your viewing pleasure we offer:


A two-page brochure (PDF, 796K) that you can download from HERE.
If you want to print the brochure, it fits nicely on legal-size paper.
Page two is designed to be printed upside-down, on the back of page one.

The text from the brochure may be viewed HERE.


Frames from an animation of a Lotus Dome complex,


A possible floor plan for a fifty-foot diameter residential dome, and


A photograph of the Lotus Dome model.

On a related note:

Global Call

The Lotus Dome and the Internet

As Jorma Kaukonen and Hot Tuna used to sing:
“Let Us Get Together Right Down Here”
and as the Beatles so eloquently used to express:
“Why Don’t We Do It on the Road” (well, close . . .   :-)   )

And finally (but actually “firstly”), please allow us to present:

A Sanctuary for the Study of Healing through the Arts

A Sanctuary for the Study of Healing through the Arts” was the very first (6/95) Lotus Dome presentation, developed as a retreat center, that includes state-of-the-art performance, broadcast and conference facilities. The proposal was created for a company specializing in holistic health training and retreats. Contents of the proposal include:


the very first Lotus Dome 3D computer renderings,


additional “Dome Technologies” information,


Theatrical Engineering Notes” and the touring sub-set of the proposal:


A Celebration of Compassion Tour: Pep Rallies for the Human Race!

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For more information, please send an email to information@LotusDome.com

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